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Supporting our most vulnerable learners
19 February 2018

 Are you a totally inclusive school supporting children in care and those with mental health issues? As we all know this can be something that any child experiences at any time in their school life. If you have outstanding practice in this area you may wish to share it with the national school community. Apply now to gain the recognition that you deserve and to ensure that other schools benefit from your experience.

08 January 2018

A big congratulations to 3 schools who have achieved an award. Well done to Oakfield High School and College, Adderley Primary School and Brays School!

CPD opportunities for all. Professionals leading learning.
23 November 2017

The application process for the Leading Aspect Award is an excellent way of providing your staff with CPD. It allows everyone to focus on their successes, analyse what has gone well and what still needs to be done. It puts the professionals at the heart of everything you do.

Academic year 2017/18
23 November 2017

There are so many amazing things happening in schools. Have you thought about applying for a Leading Aspect Award. Many others have. You decide what your strengths are, the application is completed on line against 8 criteria. We look forward to your application and seeing your phenomenal work

Educational Excellence
23 November 2017

There is Educational Excellence everywhere. How do you show it? Yes we do have league tables and test results but how do you know what you are doing is working and how do you share your practice?

Self review with external verification can be achieved through the Leading Aspect Award framework. Why not give it a go or task your senior leaders to review an element of your practice. You will see the benefits.

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