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James Brindley School
10 November 2011

Nicky Penny, Headteacher of James Brindley School has completed several Leading Aspect Award and says ' The Leading Aspect Award was a really useful step in our self-evaluation process.  Once we received our Award, Ofsted seemed happy to accept this as a good form of externally moderated evidence'.

European Links
27 September 2011

Congratulations to Andrew Humphrey School, Wildenrath, Germany who have completed  their Leading Aspect Award  "High quality enabling environments which promote active learning throughout the Early Years & Key Stage 1"

If you are a European School we would love to hear about your "good practice".

If you would like to apply for a Leading Aspect Award please contact us on 0121 464 1237.

16 September 2011

Yesterday we completed Day 2 of the Young Verifier training. It was a great success and the 8 new Young Verifiers thoroughly enjoyed their day. Congratulations to you all!

Also a big thanks to Elaine Bowen and the staff of Lightwoods Primary School, Oldbury, for very kindly allowing us to carry out the training at their school.

The next Young Verifier training will take place on 13th October and 4th November in the Midlands area.  If you would like to embark on this new venture and allow your pupils to take part in this wonderful opportunity, please contact the Leading Aspect Award Agency on 0121 464 1237.

Price increase from 1st September 2011
05 July 2011

The cost of an Award will increase from £500 to £600 from 1st September 2011. This will be the first increase since the Award started and although the Management Board has agonised over making the decision, it is felt that for the Award to continue in the future, there is no other choice. Even so, we are sure you will agree that an Award of such recognition lasting for a 3 year period still represents extremely good value for money.

Is your Award due for renewal?
05 July 2011

If you feel your Aspect is still leading practice, updating the criteria to comply with current educational legislation, would allow you to re-apply. 

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