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Open Space Event - Aston Villa Football Club
28 June 2011

We attended the Open Space Event on Wednesday, 8th July at Aston Villa Football Club, which focused on children with complex needs.  The event was well worth our attendance with nearly 300 delegates including parents and carers, young people, representatives from Further Education, voluntary organisations, special schools and children’s centres. There was a great deal of interest shown in the Leading Aspect Award.

Young Verifier Training
28 June 2011

Pupils from a range of schools received their first day's training on Monday, 27th June at Lightwoods Primary School, Oldbury.  The day was a great success with the children eagerly awaiting their second day's training in the Autumn Term. 

Interest in this event has been phenomenal, resulting in the organisation of a second event due to take place in Oxfordshire.  If you are interested, please do contact us, as further events will be organised on demand. These are exciting times! 

18 May 2011

Dear Headteacher

Young People as Verifiers

As you are aware the Leading Aspect Award is a national Award which accredits high quality education provision through a rigorous quality assured self-evaluation framework.

We would like to work with you and your School Council to train young people as verifiers and enclose a flyer inviting pupils to apply.

The benefits for the school are:

§ You will have young people who can support you in your own self-evaluation process.
§ The young people will be able to bring back to your school practice they see in other education settings.
§ Pupils will further develop leadership, confidence and communication skills in undertaking this role.

Once training has been completed £250 will be paid for any verification visits undertaken. This could be used by your School Council.

We are asking pupils to apply to do the training and send in two references in support of their application. Training dates are still to be confirmed, but at this stage it would be helpful if you would let us know if this is something you would like to become involved in.

We hope you are able to work with us on this exciting new venture. If you would like to discuss this in further detail please contact the Leading Aspect Award Agency on 0121-464 1237. Please also visit our website at


A copy of the Flyer and the Proforma are available under Documents - Helpful Documents for all - Young People as Verifiers.


Showcasing the Leading Aspect Award
28 April 2011

Did you see the Leading Aspect Award at the HR Conference at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, or did we make ourselves known to you at the Education Show at the NEC?  We would be more than happy to showcase the Leading Aspect Award if you have an event coming up in the future.  Please contact us on 0121-464 1237.

28 March 2011

There is unprecedented change in the world of education currently where relationships between Local authorities and schools are being redefined, where the emphasis is increasingly on school to school support. The Leading Aspect Award has a central role to play in all these developments. The role of national leaders in Education and teaching schools will place schools at the heart of the improvement system.
What will be the mechanisms for validating our outstanding practice, can we rely on an OFSTED process that proportionately means that our good and outstanding schools will only be inspected sporadically?
There is much leading practice in the system reflected in our outstanding schools but also we must not forget that there is much that is outstanding in the vast majority of our schools and that we need a means of capturing, recognising and sharing this. The Leading aspect award is well placed for this role and we would be very willing to contribute to your local discussions. Please ring the agency to arrange for us to meet with you.

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