Continuing and Evaluating Good communication practice throughout the whole school

Why this is leading practice

At Landgate, communication is an integral part of the school ethos and curriculum. It is all staff's responsibility to promote all students' spontaneous communication and interaction. Landgate School is the only local authority school in the area that employs a full time Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, 2 part time Speech and Language Therapist and a part time teaching assistant that make up the Communication Team. All pupils have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) or related communication difficulties. The Communication Team work collaboratively with school staff to support the students/learners at an appropriate level for their individual needs

Impact to date

The impact of the strategy is immediately recognised on entry into the school with  the positioning of the "communication tips" board and yoga timetable.

  The school community work closely with  the speech and language  team to implement , review  and action where required and amend the strategy during key points in the school  year.

 The parents are involved in the strategy building on the Early Bird scheme and training for staff.


Rationale / Start Point

ASC is characterised by the triad of impairments, which consists of difficulties with social communication, language and flexibility of thought. Therefore, students require specific, focused support to develop their communication skills. Through the staffs' commitment to developing communication and interaction skills, students will be more able to access the National Curriculum and the wider community. This commitment is seen through joint working, training in communication techniques and knowledge and awareness of Autism and it's impact. Landgate School adopts a Total Communication Approach, valuing and encouraging all interaction attempts, with our ultimate aim being that students develop effective and spontaneous communication</p>

Key Strategies

-The school  uses key word and image communication tools at every possible opportunity.Thus ensuring the learners are provided with an empowering and inclusive learning, socialising and  personal environment all the time building on the learners communication skills .

-The communication strategy is in evidence across the school from  Early years to Key Stage Four during curriculum and social time.

-The lead Speech and Language  Therapist provides the  teaching ,support  staff and parents with access to a very detailed data base. Ensuring the effective monitoring of learner's progress and highlighting any need for intensive support. This data base provides the basis for ongoing individual support for pupils.

Sustainability and Further Development

The school intends to build on their established work in Lego Therapy and the use of the trampoline to enhance their communication strategy . The school intends sharing the research with support from Sheffield and Edge Hill Universities .

The school will develop the opportunities offered through Wigan Teaching schools CPD programme to provide CPD for schools in the area .

Lead Establishment

Landgate School
Landgate School
Greater Manchester
01942 776688
Headteacher / Manager
Ms Anya Hopkinson
Phase of Education
Early Years, Post 16, Primary, Secondary
Type and Status of Provider
Awards and Initiatives
Leading Aspects Award 2011 - 2014

Published: 08 March 2015
Expires: 08 March 2018

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