Outstanding Change 4 Life Club for sports delivery, promoting health and wellbeing and creating opportunities to engage parents and the wider community

Why this is leading practice

The Youth Sports Trust Outstanding National Award was achieved in September 2014.

Our national school video is a teaching and promotional tool for other schools and the Government's Department for Health.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ZPHFbj-c).

The club has engaged the less active and SEND children.

Our key stakeholders, local businesses and the NHS offer regular support to improve the outcomes for our children and their families.

The Strategic Lead is an Ambassador for Sport and has been nominated to represent Public Health England.







Impact to date


·         Initial group of 8 pupils expanded to over 30 involved in the scheme

·         Increased number of pupils participating in all sports clubs/activities

·         Increased number of pupils involved in high level competitive sports

·         Pupils showing increased self-esteem and confidence levels and believe they have become role-models

·         Aciv8 and Change4Life pupils promoted to become Sports Leaders

·         Parental support in running after school clubs

·         Parents commented on pupils now willing to try out new activities in all areas of school-life

·         Confident support network in place throughout school

·         School received National Youth Support Trust Award in recognition for their work


Rationale / Start Point

Featherstone Primary School is committed to delivering high quality teaching, learning and an enriched extended curriculum for all pupils.  Our whole philosophy is Aspire, Believe and Succeed. Sport in the school plays a main part and we firmly believe that we embrace the talents of every child. The Change 4 Life Club is an extra-curricular club, for our less confident, least active pupils.  It supports EMG, EAL, SEND and Disadvantaged Pupils. With increased pupil, parent and local community participation, the club continues to be a role model for effective practice. We develop the ‘whole child’ and encourage the whole family to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Key Strategies


·         Collaborative work with parents

·         Collaborative work with Change4Life, celebrated throughout the school

·         Collaborative work with ASDA on healthy eating/cooking scheme

·         Work with local businesses like ROOT to FRUIT initiative

·         Full backing of Leadership team and governors

·         Work in lessons linked to Change4Life policy

·         PE syllabus amended to include Activ8 and Change4Life initiatives

·         Sharing good practice with other schools

·         Imaginative use of Sports Premium and Pupil Premium funds

·         Work with NHS Weights and Measures team

·         Pupils set up personal fitness targets to work towards and all are exceeding targets and Healthy Eating and cooking programmes set up with pupils and parents

Sustainability and Further Development


·         There are already plans to increase the amount of time spent on the scheme

·         More local schools being invited in to share good practice

·         Newsletters to parents and Local Authority celebrate the scheme

·         All sessions are evaluated and feedback informs future planning

·         Skills of parents being utilised; Armed Forces fitness, yoga, martial arts

·         School linked with African school and scheme is shared with their pupils too

·         School plans to introduce heart monitors to measure heart rate during exercise as well as having sponsored activity days with teams ‘rowing or cycling or running’ the distance to London as a team.

·         More plans in place to encourage parents to increase their activity too


Lead Establishment

Featherstone Primary School
Glenville Drive
West Midlands
B23 6PR
England Uk
(0121) 675 9740 (option 7)
Headteacher / Manager
Mr Edris Gaibee
Local Authority
Phase of Education
Type and Status of Provider
Local Authority

Published: 29 June 2015
Expires: 29 June 2018

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