ICT and Technical Support Services

Why this is leading practice

We provide a substantial amount of ICT equipment enabling teachers to deliver the curriculum through the use of leading technology; and have a technical support team who provide a high level of support to all stakeholders.
This team always seek new ideas/products to enhance the user’s experience. We use software to help protect our users, assisting in the educating of using online services safely.
A computerised helpdesk helps to facilitate the reporting any issues, allowing for minimal disruption. We have a service level agreement ensuring our service is always checked, allowing us to analyse/improve our services.

Impact to date

The resources and provision created collaborativly by the teaching staff and the IT team have enabled the  IT support delivered across the school to bridge the gap between IT that is often perceived to "fix and sort" technology and IT that delivers real opportunities to aid and encourage learning .

Rationale / Start Point

The technical support team consisting of a Systems Manage and a Technician was formed in 2007, the re-structuring of special education in Wigan meant that Oakfield was an amalgamation of several schools, and owned a mix of ICT Equipment, which was not standardized and outdated.
The team has become an integral part of Oakfield, and over the years has completely remodeled the structure of Oakfield’s IT equipment/network, dealing professionally with changes/issues, allowing all stakeholders to use ICT at a very reliable standard. The team are constantly improving, having appointed another technician, and are now offering support externally.

Key Strategies

Each member of staff has access to a help desk with a respose time of 5 to 10 mins.

The It team have a service level agreement with each dept in the school .

There is a fully developed and emerging CPD programme targeting the audited  requirements of the entire school community .

The IT team work closely with the school's Business Development Manager to act as a conduit  for  developing the resources internally and within the LA .

THe IT team continually review  the creative development of the small team( 3 members) of staff to ensure the sustainability of the resources provided  and to inspire the staff , parents  and pupils confidence in the use of the excellent technology available.


Sustainability and Further Development

The IT team are supporting a local Special school in moving from RI status . The team are developing key strategies  to support a local Early Years Sure Start  Centre .The school plans to support the dissemination of their learnig and resources across the LA

Lead Establishment

Oakfield High School and College
Long Lane
Hindley Green
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
01942 776142
01942 776143
Headteacher / Manager
Mrs Catherine Taylor
DCSF Number
Local Authority
Phase of Education
Post 16, Secondary
Type and Status of Provider

Published: 07 September 2015
Expires: 07 September 2018

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