To inspire children to read for enjoyment using a holistic approach

Why this is leading practice

 Adderley demonstrates excellent reading attainment under the wider umbrella of reading initiatives, such as: Kindle sessions, parent and child reading sessions, after school reading clubs, author visits, guided reading journals, Cornerstones curriculum, inspirational educational enrichment visits and many more. We demonstrate a cross curricular approach. We are committed to promoting inclusion and making a real difference to children’s lives, the school has reading tutors in Years 5 and 6 who support younger children in Year 2. Adderley promotes a culture of reading for pleasure and all subjects are taught through a holistic approach.

Impact to date

The school has been on a journey and the key reading strategies have really brought them together. Peer support and feeling proud of each others achievements is key. The pride seen throughout the school is reflected with improved behaviour, increased use of the library, increased attendance and outstanding KS1 and KS2 SATS results, achieving much higher than similar schools and above National figures. Responses from all stakeholders, staff, governors, pupils and parents were extremely positive. The library is not housed in a single room but continues into classrooms, corridors, reflection rooms as well as having an outdoor, supervised reading area for break-times.

Rationale / Start Point

 The Literacy Team, which consists of the Literacy Lead, Language Leader, Reading Manager, Librarian, More Able TAs, DSEN TAs and the EAL TAs, in conjunction with Adderley staff, governors and parents are developing the love of reading to raise attainment in reading across the school. Our policy and practice actively promote embedding reading across the curriculum through monitored guided reading sessions, synthetic phonics taught across the school, time-tabled library visits, reading area in the playground staffed by the librarian and reading manager, author visits and reading workshops. The positive feedback from the Adderley community and the progress which can be seen in our results have given us the incentive to apply for this award.

Key Strategies

The use of pupils as language ambassadors to read and translate for pupils with little or no English

The use of pupils as reading tutors to support targeted peer groups

The use of pupils as librarians

The employment of a librarian and a library reading manager

The regular author visits and author of the term schemes

The use of the Cornerstones creative curriculum

The use of an outside reading area where books are read by and to a reading supervisor

The use of the school radio station to broadcast interviews and pupil stories

The regular theatre visits inspire reading

The school radio station broadcasts stories read by the pupils and a Kindle club.

Sustainability and Further Development

The governors and Head teacher are fully committed to ensuring that reading is a focal point of learning and continue to look for ways of developing it further. Next year sees a joint venture being set up with Birmingham REP so pupils can create dramas and perform them on the stage. Plans to bring in Renaissance Reading are being explored. 'Drop-it-and-read' days may also be introduced. The school are also happy to share their ideas with other establishments.

Lead Establishment

Adderley Primary School
Arden Road
West Midlands
B8 1DZ
Headteacher / Manager
Mrs Darr
Phase of Education
Type and Status of Provider
Local Authority

Published: 17 July 2016
Expires: 17 July 2019

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