Stimulating and engaging EAL learners across the curriculum, enabling them to make accelerated progress

Why this is leading practice

 Adderley demonstrates excellent EAL progress under the wider umbrella of initiatives, such as: an inclusive induction, bespoke language plans, pictorial word prompts, iPad sessions, MFL lessons, differentiated texts, scaffolded Cornerstones curriculum, inspirational educational enrichment visits and many more. We demonstrate a rich, vibrant cross curricular approach. We are committed to promoting inclusion and making a real difference to children’s lives. The school has language ambassadors who support EAL children across the school during lessons and playtimes and support teachers with communication across the curriculum. Adderley promotes a culture of learning for pleasure and all subjects are taught through a holistic approach.

Impact to date

  • Academic achievements in all subjects at KS1 and KS2 have improved  significantly as a result of targeted interventions, speaking initiatives and improved monitoring
  • Parents have high-lighted how pupils have become more independent, confident learners due to their improved understanding of English
  • The EAL team take pride in seeing pupils develop in English, French and Italian, saying 'we give them wings to help them fly'
  • School received a special mention in 2015/16 Parliamentary Review for their EAL provision and diversity.
  • the school has been described as 'an oasis and an inspirational school'

Rationale / Start Point

 All pupils need to feel safe, accepted and valued in order to learn effectively and become successful members of society. For pupils, who are learning English as an additional language, this includes recognising and valuing their home language and background. As a school, we are aware that bilingualism can be a useful learning tool and that all EAL pupils can make a valuable contribution to their school community. We take a whole school approach, including ethos, curriculum and education against racism through Diversity Days. The Language Department, which consists of the Literacy Lead, Language Leader, Reading Manager, Librarian and the EAL TAs, in conjunction with Adderley staff, governors and parents are developing the love of communication to raise attainment in all areas across the school.
The policy and practice actively promote embedding speaking across the curriculum through challenging questioning, tailored language plans and support, linking with the REP theatre and synthetic phonics taught across the school. The positive feedback from the Adderley community and the progress which can be seen in our results have given us the incentive to apply for this award.

Key Strategies

  • A strong philosophy within the school of 'never forgetting the first language' with the EAL policy promoting inclusion of all pupils encouraging the use of home language as well as English as a learning tool
  • Library books in English and home languages
  • School radio station broadcasts pupils' stories in home language as well as English
  • Use of pupils as Language Ambassadors to help younger pupils in their home language reading and translating
  • The use of older pupils as reading tutors to support targeted peer groups
  • The use of library reading manager using Duo Lingo programme with one to one pupils to improve English
  • The use of the outside reading area for pupils to read to each other
  • The use of numerous pictorial guides for equipment and feelings for pupils to understand/communicate with
  • Assemblies celebrating different faiths, cultural values and the use of languages
  • French books are marked in French and English to teach more vocabulary and learning
  • Large EAL team liaising with parents at the start and end of day to check understanding
  • Each pupils possesses an Individual Language Plan, what I need to know, who can help, and how

Sustainability and Further Development

  • The Head teacher and Governors are fully committed to sharing their ideas with other establishments
  • The school is a member of the Birmingham Education Partnership sharing their EAL practice.
  • Work planned to further support new parents at induction with forms in home languages
  • Plans to introduce a 'Chatty Families' club where parents too can learn English in school
  • A school trip to France in 2017 is planned to practice the language they have learned
  • School currently twinned with a school in Cuba and are now looking for new schools in Europe so pupils can write letters in French/Italian to pen-friends
  • cross curricular lessons such as a cooking lesson taught in Italian or French using key words


Lead Establishment

Adderley Primary School
Arden Road
West Midlands
B8 1DZ
Headteacher / Manager
Mrs Rizvana Darr
Phase of Education
Type and Status of Provider
Local Authority

Published: 01 November 2016
Expires: 01 November 2019

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