Celebrating cultural diversity and promoting our school values

Why this is leading practice

 Cultural diversity and positive values underpin all aspects of school life. The school has a rich curriculum and extra-curricular programme that promotes cultural diversity, community cohesion and the core school values which are based on the British values. Pupils are equipped with the skills to understand and embrace cultural differences as they develop into citizens of the future. The school has a strong ‘family’ ethos and children are encouraged to believe they can make a difference in the world and understand that as part of a local community they have an obligation to make a difference.

Impact to date

  • The whole ethos of the school means that the values of the school community are continually reinforced and this creates pupils who are reflective, thoughtful, caring, resilient, engaged and active members of the school and wider community.
  • Pupils’ exemplary behaviour and their interest in school and learning leads to excellent results.
  • SEN pupils often make more progress than other pupils and all make very good progress as a result of the way each individual is valued and their needs identified.
  • Close links with the adjoining special school provide mutual benefits to the pupils of both schools.
  • Pupils gain rapidly in confidence. They take their responsibilities to the school and wider community very seriously.
  • Pupils’ and parents’ lives are greatly enriched by the celebration of cultural diversity within the school and by the strong partnerships the school has forged with other schools and organisations.
  • All the staff at the school work as a team to ensure that every child succeeds in their school life, whatever their start. Both pupils and parents are treated with respect by all and pupil needs are identified quickly and appropriate interventions made e.g. Reading Recovery.

Rationale / Start Point

 Coppice was recognised in 2010 by Ofsted for outstanding practice in broadening children’s horizons and understanding of every member of the community and different ways of life. The school gives children an opportunity to examine the complex concept of culture and to understand that all people have a culture. The definition of cultural diversity spans a broad spectrum from religion, ethnic background and family values to understanding the impact of historical events, modern culture and behaviours. Throughout children’s life at Coppice, they will know that no matter how it is defined, culture and values give people a sense of who they are.
Opportunities are made available for whole-school engagement in specific themes related to cultural diversity and community cohesion, through chosen topics, projects or events that take place during the school day.
The recent Ofsted inspection (May 2015) report stated that the School’s values underpin all it does, evidenced by the way in which staff relate to pupils and the way pupils respond to each other.

Key Strategies

  • The school’s values are embedded in school life and enhanced by strong links with the community and wider world.
  • The Learning Trust for Excellence provides a  strong support network for the school, leading to a rich, varied offer to pupils and teachers alike.
  • The teacher in charge of this aspect is pro-active and continually monitors how the aspect is being developed in the school.
  • Pupils’ independence is developed and harnessed to ensure they are active participants in school life through the School council and in many other ways.
  • School values are effectively implemented through a number of effective initiatives, MAD (Make A Difference) FAB (Friendship Against Bullying), FUN Club, the House system, weekly nurture groups, recognition of pupils demonstrating school values, Building Learning Power and the No Outsiders initiative.
  • Parents' cultures, skills, interests are valued and celebrated by the school.
  • There is a sharing culture between staff and pupils in this school and its adjoining Special school. 
  • Cultural diversity is introduced naturally through the curriculum and enrichment activities. Curriculum specialists  support other teachers in their practice.
  • Enrichment and extra-curricular activities foster a wide variety of personal and social skills. These are monitored and evaluated through class Wow books.


Sustainability and Further Development


  • The Headteacher, SLT and governors are totally committed to the values.
  • A well thought set of values developed over time and reinforced through Values Days are understood and adhered to by everyone in the school and underpin all it does.
  • The school is developing a cafe where pupils from the two schools can mix as can parents. Everyone is involved in how it develops.
  • The teacher i/c of this aspect to share the school’s good practice in living its values and celebrating cultural diversity through offering training for other teachers either through training sessions and/or school visits.


Lead Establishment

Coppice Primary School
Trinity Road
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
West Mids
B75 6TJ
0121 464 7022
Headteacher / Manager
Richard Green
Phase of Education
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Published: 09 January 2017
Expires: 09 January 2020

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