Closing The Gap - Embedded and Effective Inclusion Strategies which meet the specific needs of each child.

Why this is leading practice

 Whitehouse Common Primary School continually reviews and develops their inclusive practice. The impact of this rigorous strive for excellence is that progress and achievement for all groups of children is tracked, maintained, evaluated, revised and implemented to the specific needs of each child. This cyclical process involves parents/carers, pupils, staff and outside agencies which results in consistent, cohesive and highly inclusive provision for all.

Impact to date

  • Individual pupils receive a bespoke approach to help them progress.
  • Pupils talk with confidence about what they are learning in school and some pupils can explain eloquently the whole target setting approach and how they are helped by their teachers to improve.
  • All teachers are clear about which pupils need support, what their specific needs are and tailor innovative learning opportunities for individual pupils to meet these needs.
  • The school uses it data very effectively to drill down to find out which individual pupils are not making enough progress. Raising Attainment Plans are then put into place.
  • No groups of pupils are left behind. The school has succeeded in closing the gap for all groups whatever their special needs and the school is confident that all pupils achieve the best they can given their circumstances.
  • School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO) has supported the staff in making the transition to the present assessment system in use.
  • Many pupils with special needs are above national average in their attainment and progress. At KS2 the school is achieving above the national average in Reading (105.8), Mathematics (106.8),SPAG (106.9). In Writing using Teacher Assessment 83% achieved their expected grade.

Rationale / Start Point

 At Whitehouse Common Primary School we believe that inclusion is a fundamental right for each and every child and this ethos is thoroughly embedded in our school aims and visions. All staff take ownership of inclusive practice across the school and are supported by a strong enthusiastic team of specialists. Through the continual rigorous review and development of our policies and procedures we are confident in the holistic approach to inclusion that all staff uses as embedded practice. Our guideline of quantitative data shows that all groups of children achieve well.

Key Strategies

  • The Senior Management Team/ Governors are strongly committed to Closing The Gap and support the Inclusion team with funding and time.
  • The Inclusion Leader is a Specialist Leader in Education and a member of the SMT. Her team are specialists in their own field, giving focused support to all staff;
  • School mission statement and policies are very clear, detailed, shared,acted upon, used for training and continually reviewed.
  • All pupils falling behind in any aspect of their work are given an Individual Target Plan. 
  • Data analysis is forensic and senior leaders produce a half termly report on their subject area/phase.
  • Assessment for learning is widely employed. Carefully tailored questions are used to challenge pupils and teaching staff constantly target set for pupils each lesson and monitor progress against these targets.
  • The school looks at the holistic child and works very hard to accommodate each individual child’s needs.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reflection takes place on a regular basis and innovative approaches are used to improve pupil progress.
  • Pupils with special needs are provided with many and varied enrichment activities including university visits.
  • Transition is managed effectively with pre-planning and teachers, pupils and parents meeting together.


Sustainability and Further Development

  • There is collective responsibility by all staff for pupil progress and attainment and this is established through the systems of the school.
  • Individual target setting is embedded in school practice and systems.
  • The Inclusion Leader and Higher Level Teaching Assistant work closely together on a day to day basis with the wider Inclusion team
  • Practice is shared across the Learning Trust for Excellence and staff do meet with the staff of the Special school in the LTE to exchange ideas and share good practice.In the future the school will continue to maximize this through the LTE and Local Authority.


Lead Establishment

Whitehouse Common Primary School
Cotysmore Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 6BL
United Kingdom
Headteacher / Manager
Mrs D Allen
DCSF Number
Local Authority
Phase of Education
Type and Status of Provider
Local Authority

Published: 13 March 2017
Expires: 13 March 2020

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