Our School at the heart of our Community,Building Social Capital

Why this is leading practice

The school is an Oasis in the Community.  The title 'Our School at the heart of our Community, building social capital', is an emphasis of the School Council and pupil voice playing a big influence in issues that impact on them and the wider community - hence Buiding Social Capital whereby we got the Birmingham City Council involved in the litter problems that we were dealing with. Our neighbour School Nishkam, Police Commisioner David Jamieson and various pillars of the community, ITV Central News teamed up with us too. Various outside agencies are helping boost pupils self esteem, citizenship  and physical activities which is making a positive influence on pupils learning and raising standards. Further more making it all a win situation in terms of pupil and staff well being.



Impact to date

  •  Pupils have respect for individuals and their environment
  • There have been significant improvements in behaviour around the school evidenced by Ofsted, external agencies, visitors and the Head
  • Pupils take responsibility for themselves and others
  • Pupils lead play ground activities particularly supporting children in the Early Years
  • Attendance has improved from 94% 2016 to 95.6% 2017
  • Persistent absence has decreased from 21% to 5.8%
  • Pupil's resilience has improved
  • Their has been an increase in pupil's social awareness
  • Social awareness is visible in pupil's decision making
  • The City Council now respond quickly to any fly tipping or rubbish dumping when the school contact them
  • More rubbish bins have been put around the school community
  • The 'voice of the child' influences decisions in the school

Rationale / Start Point

Last year we did a project on 'Your Street- Keep it litter Free!"  We ended it with Watch this Space... Soon after 10 wards were targeted for a big clean. We were selected as one of the schools to help out .When Councillor Tony Kennedy one of Birmingham City Council's four assisant leaders visited our school last year , he said,

"If we are to deliver on a better Birmingham for our citizens, we need to work much more closely with groups and partner organisations that are already doing great things in their local areas and shape what we do to address the needs of our communitiesin a sustainable way." David Jamieson the Police Commissioner stated that " Communities that look after streets not only have a sense of pride and unity but also attract investment and opportunity. Everyone wins!"

Key Strategies

  • Pupil's are given 'a voice' and this influences decisions in the school
  • Constructive relationships are established in the community which have mutual benefits
  • The curriculum provides a breadth of knowledge which enables pupils to make informed decisions
  • The school takes a whollistic approach through the school values and school rules
  • There is a consistent, calm approach to addressing any behaviour issues 
  • The development of confidence and independence through opportunities for individuals to take responsibility
  • The school invests a lot in social and emotional issues and tackling social issues for pupils and their families. There is a consistent approach and pastoral support when it is needed
  • Topical issues are used constructively to increase knowledge about social issues/behaviours
  • Staff and pupils are empowered to take a lead there is no 'top down' model

Sustainability and Further Development

There is a commitment to:

  • Build on governor engagement
  • Develop peer mediation across the school
  • Develop a Worship Council
  • Link further with other schoolsaround the Eco - friendly school 
  • Upskill pupils to lead assemblies
  • Develop parent workshops to get consistency between behaviour management within the school and the home

Lead Establishment

St Michael's Academy
St Michael's Academy
Piers Road Handsworth
West Midlands
B21 0UX
Headteacher / Manager
Mrs Emma Grice
Local Authority
Phase of Education
Type and Status of Provider
Workplace Learning Provider
Awards and Initiatives
our school our community building social capital

Published: 07 August 2017
Expires: 07 August 2020

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