Enriching lives and unifying communitites via the medium of Languages, across an engaging, diverse and inspirational curriculum.

Why this is leading practice

J In an increasing multicultural society, Foreign Languages Learning is crucial for a better understanding of other cultures and a more effective communication between communities. At Adderley we endeavour to provide our children with a vibrant, rich curriculum, ensuring inclusion and representation of all languages spoken by our pupils. In an academic environment where British Values are first and foremost promoted, the teaching and learning of Foreign Languages enables children to familiarise themselves with and appreciate the richness of different cultures. Irrespective of their cultural background.

Impact to date

 The school are really reflective about their learning journey and have identified the learning of new languages as a medium for bringing together all stakeholders. Through the use of Language Ambassadors, the language days, trips and parent clubs the pupils and parents are learning together. This has seen a growth in confidence and self-esteem of the participants, and they love to share this with others. One pupil told me that 'it brought her great happiness' to be successful at a third and fourth language. Parents were more confident to come in to school to improve their understanding too. The school has previously been mentioned in The Parliamentary Review, highlighting EAL provision. The pupils happiness in school is reflected in excellent attendance, behaviour and attainment compared to 'similar schools.'

Rationale / Start Point

 Foreign Languages Learning plays an important role in the teaching and learning at Adderley, whether our children speak English as their first or second language. We value and promote their cultural background and home language, as Adderley mirrors the increasing multicultural society we live in, providing a good example of multilingualism, which is a rule, rather than an exception.
The appreciation of various cultures, the Foreign Language Learning and the love for communication in various languages are constantly developed by all staff ensuring that children value each other’s cultures whilst working towards the same academic goals.
We actively promote Foreign Languages Learning across the curriculum through fun, varied language lessons, ESOL classes for Parents, tailored EAL Language Plans and the excellent work of the Language Ambassadors.

Key Strategies

 • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes for parents where parents come in to school to learn English so they can help their children with their learning.
• Language competitions held in school
• Trips to other countries enable children to further use their new found language skills in a real situation
• Language Days where pupils dress up, learn about a new country, speak key words and phrases, order from a menu and eat food from different countries. Cross-curricular work supports all subjects.
• Perform plays like French café or Tour of Rome
• Radio Station broadcasting books in different languages during break times read by teachers, parents, pupils and visitors.
• Language Ambassadors assist with both English/Home Language translation and Italian/French and home language translation.
• When there is a language day, the hub have encouraged the use of a foreign language to order, price and exchange the equipment on sale
• Heritage languages are celebrated and encouraged with the library stocked with many language books and all languages highlighted on the radio station.
• Work to enhance and celebrate the learning of languages can be found on the school website.

Sustainability and Further Development

  • The school has plans to create a dedicated language room that classes will go to for their lessons. This will aid transition to secondary school as they become used to moving rooms. The classroom displays can then be dedicated language aids, with everything labelled in French/Italian 
    • Invite secondary school language teachers in to work with Year 6 pupils before they leave primary school.
    • Have Twitter language days where only French/Italian can be used
  • Using the school radio, they will choose a book and it will be broadcast for five days in five different languages.


Lead Establishment

Adderley Primary School
Arden Road
West Midlands
B8 1DZ
Headteacher / Manager
Mrs R Darr
Phase of Education
Type and Status of Provider
Local Authority

Published: 04 December 2017
Expires: 04 December 2020

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