Our verifiers have current experience of:
  • working with education providers to support improvement
  • working in a management and advisor capacity
  • validation or verification within education
The verifiers have identified some strengths of applying for a Leading Aspect Award 
You will...........
Learn together
Enjoy exploring your strengths
Access opportunities for team work
Determine ways to improve
Involve all stakeholders
Notice new aspects
Gain recognisation
Ask your own questions
State your existing good practice
Provide a range of evidence
Engage in reflection
Celebrate your journey
Tell your community about your success

Our Verifiers come from many different backgrounds, just click a name to see their profile.

David Bray
Denise Harris
Diane King
Gerald Love
Jill Saunders
Jo Perrin
Jonathan Smart
Kathryn Knight
Mrs Linda Anderson
Liz Bates
Marie George
Mark Story
Mike Neill
Mr Mike Wintle
Neil Orme
Rachel Garrett
Rhys Harries
Simone Whitehouse
Stephen Coleman
Mrs Sue Trotman